Corks are good for health

by R.T., Teatro Naturale International

Re-evaluation of the cork for its healthy properties. This is the goal of a research committed by Amorim, leader in the production of corks, to the university of Porto. The research was published by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

According to researchers, during the phase of bottle refinement and preservation, some cork polyphenols, compounds with highly healthy properties, would be released into the wine. They were able to identify ellagic tannins in the cortex grains: the anti-cancer properties of these polyphenols are well known.

Different studies indicated that ellagic tannins and ellagic acid inhibit cells proliferation, their progression and their involvement in apoptosis, thus preventing colon and breast cancer.

Cork polyphenols may have a significant antioxidant and anti-radical activity, preventing cellular aging and related diseases.

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