• Wirehoods

    Wirehoods are used to help keep the cork in place on a champagne or sparkling wine bottle. Without them the cork would likely pop out as the champagne carbonates. These wirehoods are mandatory when using plastic champagne stoppers as well as cork champagne stoppers.



    38mm wirehoods with discs for cork stoppers

    32mm wirehoods without discs for plastic stoppers.

    Stock colors:

    Silver discs with silver hoods Black, Red, Blue, Gold and custom printed wirehoods are available for special order

  • Bidules

    The 26mm Bidules are small plastic cylindrical items that look like a short shell casing. They are put into the champagne bottle under the crown cap during secondary fermentation to help trap some of the sediment that would normally stick to the bottle when it is disgorged. These bidules fit American champagne bottles.


    We also supply 29mm bidules for European champagne bottles. Please call for availability, this item is not always in stock and can take up to 2 weeks for delivery.

  • Pour Spout w/ cork base

    These pourers are made using durable stainless steel and natural cork. The splash free pour spout features hinged lid for storing when not in use. The natural cork stopper is tapered to fit almost any narrow bottle.

    They are perfect for upcycling or repurposing bottles into stylish oil or vinegar dispensers and an easy way to add convenience to the kitchen; just push the cork stopper of the spout into the top of the bottle until it fits snuggly.

    Pour Spout w/ cork base

    Our pour spouts are designed to dispense olive oil, vinegar and spirits and fit best on bottles with an 18.5mm inside diameter.

    We can also customize these pourers with your name and/or logo to include with your oil and vinegar products.

  • Plastic Champagne Stoppers

    Plastic Champagne Stoppers fit American and some European Champagne or Sparkling Wine bottles but not typical wine, beer or Belgian Beer Bottles.

    For proper bottle conditioning and carbonation, insert and push a plastic cork into the bottle opening and twist on a wire hood to seal the bottle following priming operations. The wire hood prevents ejection of the cork during carbonation process.

    Plastic Champagne Stoppers

    For non-carbonated beverages the wire hood may be omitted.

    To make application easier, use a rubber mallet to gently tap the top of the stopper and assist in completing insertion. You do not need to use a corker to insert these corks into the bottle.

  • Crown Caps

    We carry one-time use caps to bottle your homebrew or to seal a bidule into a champagne bottle during secondary fermentation.

    They are available in 26mm or 29mm sizes. 29mm crown caps only available in gold.

    Crown Caps


    Silver, gold, black, red, green, blue

    Minimum order:

    1,000 pcs